How to perform a Silent install in NetSupport School version 9
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From NetSupport School version 9.00 the installer has been updated, with this update a new method to silently install NetSupport School is required. Please follow the steps under the Details section on how to perform a Silent installation of NetSupport School when using both the NetSupport School.MSI and the Setup.exe installation files.


To perform a Silent install

  1. Create a distribution copy of NetSupport containing the required NetSupport Installation files. 
  2. To determine the properties for the Installation, at the command line run INSTCFG.EXE /S from the NetSupport program folder. The Install Configuration Options dialog will appear. The selected properties are stored in a parameter file, NSS.ini. 

    A sample file will be installed in the NetSupport School directory.
  3. Choose {File}{Save} and save the 'NSS.ini' file to the folder containing the distribution copy of NetSupport. 
  4. To perform the Silent Install at the required workstation, from the folder containing the distribution copy, run:

    msiexec /i "NetSupport School.msi" /qn (MSI installer)

    setup /S  /v/qn (setup.exe installer)
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