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It has been discovered that under certain circumstances DirectX functions could be left disabled following a remote Control session when using NetSupport Manager NetSupport School/Inform.  

To resolve the problem first re-enable DirectX this can be achieved by modifying the below registry key:

Open the below registry key:


Change the Timeout value to 7

To stop the problem from reoccurring, NetSupport have provided a fix to the problem, which is now, included in NetSupport Manager version 7.01 and later and NetSupport School/Inform version  6.00 setup files. To check if you need to obtain and apply the solution for NetSupport Manager or NetSupport School/Inform please follow the procedure below:

For NetSupport Manager start the NetSupport Manager Control, from the Control window select the {About} option from the Help drop down menu. Next select the {Technical Support} tab. If the version of the PCICL32.DLL file is earlier then V7.01f2 then the fix is not installed.

For NetSupport School/Inform start the NetSupport School/Inform Tutor, from the Tutor window select the {About} option from the Help drop down menu. Next select the {Technical Support} tab. If the version of PCICL32.DLL file is earlier then V7.00f3 then the fix is not installed.

to get the latest versions of NetSupport Manager and NetSupport School/Inform please visit


If you require any further assistance please contact NetSupport Technical Support
Applicable Product(s) : NSI 8.50 ,NSM 11.30.0000 ,NSM 11.00 ,NSM 10.50 ,NSM 10.30 ,NSM 10.20 ,NSM 10.00 ,NSM 9.60 ,NSM 9.50 ,NSM 6.11 ,NSS 8.50 ,NSS 6.00 ,
Applicable Operating System(s) :, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP
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