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The above error message is displayed when the NetSupport Control cannot connect to the NetSupport Client or does not receive a reply from the Client within 4 seconds.

If you have a NetSupport Client that intermittently displays this message and the Client is switched on and correctly configured on the network it may be due to one of the following reasons that you cannot connect to the Client:

The machine that the NetSupport Client is running on is performing other tasks that are CPU intensive, the NetSupport Client is not receiving enough CPU time to respond to the Control within the 4 seconds allowed.

The Network or Dial-up connection speed is very slow and the response from the Client is not being received by the Control within 4 seconds.


For version 5.30 of NetSupport Manager an updated file (PCICTL.DLL) is available that allows the time period that the NetSupport Control will wait for a response from the Client to be configurable therefore giving the Client a greater chance of being able to respond to the Control.

To apply this update you will need to close the NetSupport Control (if open).

Replace the file PCICTL.DLL in the folder that NetSupport Manager is installed in with the one below.
Using a Registry Editor (REGEDIT) add the following string value:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Productive Computer Insight\PCICtl\ConfigList\Standard\UI\ConnectTimeout Value ="20000"

Restart the NetSupport Control and try again to reconnect to the Client - you should notice that the "Connecting to" dialog stays on screen longer waiting for the client to respond.

If you are still unable to connect to the Client try increasing the ConnectTimeout value - values are in milliseconds so the value used above of 20000 will wait for 20 seconds for the client to connect.

Note: From version 5.31 onwards it is not necessary to update PCICTL.DLL to use the registry setting.

If you require any further assistance please contact NetSupport Technical Support
Applicable Product(s) : NSM 11.30.0000 ,NSM 11.00 ,NSM 10.50 ,NSM 10.30 ,NSM 10.20 ,NSM 10.00 ,NSM 9.60 ,NSM 5.31 ,
Applicable Operating System(s) :, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows XP
Associated Files : pcictl.dl_ (939284kb) pcictl.dll (1876672kb)
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